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We need to understand:
1The role of material culture in cuisine
2 The nature of culinary change and innovation
3 The relationship between food and migration, urbanisation and commercial expansion
4 The relationship between food and local politics
Hors d'oeuvre: Work Package 1
To start, we will will analyse and compare the residues found in different types of pots, together with evidence for different styles of cooking.
Fish Course: Work Package 2
We will compare the different ways in which various types of pottery were used at different times and in different places in a settlement. 
Entree: Work Package 3
We will compare the ways in which different types of pottery were used on different kinds of site. Were cooking practices different in towns and villages?
To Finish: Work Package 4
We will compare the ways in which different types of pottery were used in the Scandinavian settlements of northern and eastern England (the Danelaw), with what we see in southern England and southern Scandinavia.

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Photo credits: Coppergate Pots (c) York Archaeological Trust. Thanks to Maude Hirst for hearthside photo.

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