Publication Strategy
You will find our results in open-access journal articles, conference presentations, and museum displays, as well as on this website, Twitter, and associated downloadable resources (coming soon!). 
The project will also benefit museums and their younger visitors, by demonstrating how the arts and humanities can provide a human dimension for science, and bring artefacts alive!
By engaging children and wider audiences in interesting, fun and creative ways, the project aims to demonstrate the connections that exist between food and identity, and show how the humble pot can illustrate the way in which people and places can be shaped by the consumption of food.
Academic Articles
At least two articles will be published in scholarly venues. The intention is to submit to both a scientific journal (e.g. PNAS, PLOS One) and to one devoted to the humanities and archaeological theory (e.g. Antiquity; European Journal of Archaeology).
Other Resources
We will aim to enthuse general readers through interaction with the project via online resources (e.g. quizes, infographics, leaflets). Check back here for details.
Target Following
In particular, as Vikings are part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum, we will focus our engagement with young people in the 7-11 age group, where our interactions will enhance and complement what they learn at school. However, we are keen to discuss the project with anyone who will listen!