Melting Pot at the Jorvik Viking Festival

Pottery by Lee Steele (

We're really excited that the Jorvik Viking Festival kicks off in York this week. This not only fills the city centre with hordes of vikings, and gives us plenty of intellectually stimulating lectures to drop in to (have a look at this and this), but also provides us with a great opportunity to talk to members of the public - including children - about our work.

We are thus very happy to say that we (Steve and Anita) will be running a Meet the Experts session on Viking Food. This will be in Barley Hall on Wednesday 22nd February, and we'll be there all day. Come and have a look around Barley Hall, and for the price of your ticket you'll also be able to speak to us and find out about the project (or, to be frank, simply to ask us anything you like about vikings). We'll have a stall set up, which will allow you to have a look at some animal bones, plant remains, and coprolites (poo!) and to look down a microscope at the kinds of things we find on viking sites. We'll also have some pottery for you to look at, and there will be games and competitions for children (and adults) to play.

We look forward to seeing you there!

#jvf17 #york #outreach #festival

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